How To Prepare For Your Stay

A visit or longer stay in another country always brings with it a range of new experiences. That’s why it makes sense to learn as much about your host country as possible before your arrival. This will help you to prepare for the new language and culture of your host country and ensure that your language course is successful.

You can begin your advance preparation via interactive virtual 360° panorama tours of cities and other locations in Germany. Here you can also find online guides to selected castles, parks and gardens and the 32 UNESCO world heritage sites in Germany.

The Facts about Germany online guide also provides information about all areas of life.

Up-to-date information about politics, culture and business is available on the Deutschland-Online website. 

One final practical tip: we recommend that you bring a dictionary or electronic dictionary containing both German and your native language. And before your departure, don’t forget to check current weather conditions so that you know how many T shirts or sweaters you’ll need to pack!

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