German Intensive Courses

S + W speak + write has the perfect course for you:

Our Intensive German Courses will help you master the language as quickly and effectively as possible.


To register online please send us your registration form and placement test.


You can also register in person at our office and take the placement test during our opening hours.



Maximum flexibility

Our Intensive German courses are offered all year round in all competency levels, allowing for maximum flexibility when choosing a course start date. Beginners can choose to take a course to acquire basic German language skills; advanced students can enroll in a higher level course and expand their knowledge. It is also possible to take several consecutive courses for several months until you reach your desired proficiency level.

Each Intensive German Course runs for 1 month and comprises of 100 lessons.








Modular course structure


The modular and sequential course design ensures that you will always find a course level that corresponds to your current language proficiency level. If you already have prior knowledge of German, we will use a placement test to assess your language skills and recommend the appropriate course level. The use of placement tests allows us to put together linguistically homogeneous courses. 










A team of trained and professional teachers 

Challenge, inspire, motivate and encourage students - our team of experienced and highly qualified teachers does just that, as well as share their knowledge with others. The diverse intercultural background in the classroom requires teachers in the field of German as a Second/Foreign Language to exhibit a high measure of cultural empathy, adaptation and flexibility in order to create and maintain a positive classroom atmosphere.











Learning objective-oriented course progression

The modular and sequential course design is learning objective oriented. The contents and learning progressions of each course level are concise, clearly articulated descriptions of what students should know and be able to do at the end of a specific course level and closely follow the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) as well as the requirements for telc Exams, TestDaF and DSH Examinations. This approach ensures that course participants are adequately and systematically prepared to meet the educational objectives of the respective course levels and official language tests.










Creating a stimulating learning environment

Creating a positive classroom atmosphere is a task we take very seriously as this directly influences students‘ ability and motivation to successfully master the German language. 












Modern instructional media and course-specific teaching materials


All of our classrooms are designated Technology Enhanced Classrooms and equipped with Interactive Smartboards. Smartboards represent an ideal tool for language teaching by integrating audio and visual features and allowing access to online information such as knowledge databases and other research tools. Our facility also has a computer lab with 10 work stations.

Our textbooks and teaching materials are chosen specifically to prepare the course participants for the respective requirements of each course level.  Whenever possible we incorporate information media such as TV, radio and newspapers in our lessons.









Exams for each course level


There are final exams at the end of each course level and each participant receives a qualified certificate detailing his or her proficiency level.

On request you can also take a telc Exam after completing course levels B1, B2 and C1. 











Our institute is also a TestDaF testing center offering 6 examination dates per year. 





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